Panthera Security have a dedicated and highly trained CCTV division providing the following services:

Hard Drive Recording CCTV

Panthera CCTV Division can provide your construction site or scaffolding with a professionally installed industry compliant system. We can provide anything from a basic 1 camera system to a fully monitored multiple camera system that includes 2 way audio allowing you to listen and talk to your site from any location. The hard drive is located within a lockable metal unit to prevent tampering which is generally located in the site office or another secure area. Our systems are designed to detect, record and even notify you of intruders trying to gain access to your protected area. It is extremely versatile and user friendly.

Each camera is fully programmable so you can decided where and what you want to record, and when you want to record it. With on-site training from our engineers you can then access your system via your own pass code to change settings or even to record, playback and transmit images, all of which can be done simultaneously from your home or office PC. In the event of an intrusion to your site a Panthera CCTV engineer will attend your site and copy all necessary images from the hard drive to a DVD for you to pass on to the police or other interested parties.

RemoteEye CCTV

Keeping construction sites and scaffoldings secure and intruder-free is a priority for all construction companies, especially in light of the continuing rise in plant and material theft. Panthera Security have researched and tested many different products in order to provide its clients with the most capable and cost effective system. RemoteEye is our new concept in construction site security and can be used for many other applications i.e. Void Properties, Scaffoldings, Porta Cabins etc.

RemoteEye monitors all areas of a construction site 24/7 and can costs up to 75% less than a manned equivalent. RemoteEye does not require breaks, will not fall asleep on the job and requires no facilities that a manned guard would. It will record everything for future reference and complies with current legislation and insurance requirements.

RemoteEye uses multiple fixed cameras rather than the traditional PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) cameras, this ensures the entire site is constantly monitored and nothing is missed, this cannot be achieved by PTZ cameras which sometimes fail to spot intruders - by the time the camera is alerted to trespassers and moves into position the intruders have vacated the site, leaving the contractors with no visual evidence to secure convictions.

RemoteEye can utilise high speed broadband, GSM, dial-up or even 3G for its connection to the monitoring station. All cameras are fitted with ultra-sensitive motion sensors; the slightest movement transmits an instant signal to our advanced control room, where a highly trained and licensed team of operators can instantly view live pictures of the site. As soon as intruders are detected, the controller responds with an audio communication, warning them to leave immediately whilst simultaneously alerting the local police.

The central control room is NSI Gold approved, has its own independent power supply, secure telephone communication links and is fully fortified against outside attack. The systems send and receive signals through out the day ensuring all is working correctly.

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